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Auto-Ship Orders

How can I change my Auto-Ship Order?

To make changes to your current auto-ship order, please first log in to your account. Desktop Users: From the menu links down the left hand side of your account page you will see a button that says Manage Auto-ship. Click this button to go to our sub

Why has the price of an item in my Auto-ship order changed?

You will always receive the best-available price on our site on the date your Auto-Ship order is billed. Our prices fluctuate on many items due to their competitive nature and low margins. Most items are also subject to regular manufacturer price inc

Is there a membership fee?

There are no membership fees or additional fees to use our Auto-Ship feature and you can cancel any time.

How can I set up a repeat order?

We offer the ability to set up a recurring or repeat order via our Auto-Ship feature. If a product is eligible for Auto-Ship, you will be able to select the delivery frequency on the product page. It will look something like this:. Not all products a