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Price MatchingUpdated 6 months ago

Requests for a price match are treated on a case by case basis. If you would like us to try and match a competitors price for a product that you would prefer to purchase from us please let us know:

  • Product name (include pack size, weight, volume etc)
  • Quantity required
  • Competitors name
  • Competitors current price
  • Competitors current web address for that product
  • Competitors shipping cost to get the item to you

The competitor must be located in Australia and the item must be in stock with the competitor at the time of requesting the price match.

Please be reasonable with your request. As a guide we won't attempt to match pricing on damaged or short dated stock, subscription or repeat purchase pricing, commercial pricing, bundled offers, manufacturer cashback promotions, staff pricing, marketplace/ebay pricing, obvious errors and omissions, or any other pricing that goes below our cost.

We do not price match shipping costs.

We do not price match for orders already fulfilled and we do not price match for future orders. Any request for a price match is for a single order only and must be made and confirmed by us prior to placing your order.

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